Worker painting a car.Paint is something that we do to improve aesthetics of an object, whether it is a house, a fence, or a car. Paint has been around for many years now, however, paint, unlike its history fades over time. Paint fade happens because of the excessive exposure the elements of nature and the solution is simply to apply a fresh coat of paint. Cars and trucks especially experience fading over time after the various seasons of weathers and frequent washing.

                In repainting a vehicle, whether a truck or a car, it is always better to do it in enclosed areas to prevent contamination of the paint as it is being sprayed on or during the curing process. Many small time paint shops neglect this fact and come out with mediocre results for cheap. A handful however, embraces this idea and makes use of spray booths. The size of a spray booth varies depending on the projected vehicles that are to be taken in.Car spray booths are small and can easily fit anywhere; these are more common but are limited to small to medium vehicles. When working on larger vehicles such as SUVs or trucks, it would be better to invest in the more expensive truck paint booths because they are more universal and can accept a wide range of vehicle sizes.

                Car spray booths and truck paint booths vary in size but are essentially the same thing keeping the item being painted in quarantine for the best results.