Mistakes You Should Avoid When Preparing For The Written Part Of Your Driving Test In CA

Article written by Delta Driving School .

While there is no doubt that you should study as much as you can before going to take your driving test, there are limits to this. For example, “cramming” everything you need to remember into your head the night before you take the test will not only increase your stress and make you get a bad night’s sleep, but will also make you more likely to go blank when trying to remember the answer to something.

Studying for hours at a time the week before you are taking the test is also something that should be avoided. Doing this will only serve to build up short-term memory, which will be easy for you to forget. When you study it should be for a short amount of time at a stretch and you should start studying at least several weeks before you go to take your test.

Another mistake is that of not taking practice tests. While some people might find that practice tests themselves are stressful and decide not to do them, these can be a huge help in showing you what you need to work on. Avoid staying up late the night before and make sure that you get a full night’s sleep. Also, the morning of your test make sure you eat a good and nourishing breakfast that will feed your brain. Take deep breaths while you are taking your test to try and help yourself be as relaxed as possible.

This article was sent to us by Delta Driving School. They are a Driving School in La Crescenta & La Canada CA and neighboring cities. Make sure to contact them if you are looking for a driving school in that area.