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August 2011

Few things to keep in mind before you buy an auto insurance policy

It is wise to purchase an auto insurance policy from before hand in order to secure yourself from unusual mishaps or any emergency situations. When you buy an auto insurance policy for the first time, you may find it little difficult to choose the right insurance policy. But if you search online, you will get information about various auto insurance polices and you can choose one from there which you feel is the best for you.

Five Auto Insurance Surprises

Here are five auto insuiurance suprised you should know about.

1) Payback for diminished value
Your insurer will repair your car after it has been in an accident, but let’s face it — it will never be the same. Some insurers will compensate you for that with a “diminished value reimbursement.” It’s only available in 14 states at this point, though, including auto insurance in Florida, Texas, and Virginia — and only if you weren’t at fault in the accident. […]