Places to Drive your Car Rental in Grand Cayman

When you rent a car in Grand Cayman, you open yourself up to the whole island for excitement and adventure. Journey to the secluded East end or drive a few minutes North for a stay at the luxurious Seven Mile Beach. Visit Bodden Town right next door to Georgetown on the Grand Cayman.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile beach is one of the most accessible and convenient places to drive your car rental in Grand Cayman. Lined with the most luxurious hotels and restaurants on the Island, Seven Mile Beach is truly the picture perfect experience for a Cayman Island vacation. Conveniently, the drive from Owen Roberts International Airport to the Ritz Carlton Resort on Seven Mile Beach is only 12 minutes. Seven Mile Beach is the perfect place for entertaining small kids and couples.  Rocks and surge tides are at a minimum and the water is incredibly warm. Full of friendly people, this area is the absolute favorite spot for the majority of tourists looking for an fun-filled adventure on Grand Cayman. To get to seven mile beach from Georgetown,  Take Esterly Tibbetts Hwy North for about three and a half kilometers. Most of the hotels are located on West Bay Road.

Bodden Town

Bodden Town is great for people who want more of a “local” experience of the Cayman Islands. Not as busy and commercialized as the Seven Mile Beach and not as secluded as East End. The Turtle Nest Inn has fantastic reviews and many have commented that it is the best place to snorkel on the island. Bodden Town is located immediately East of Georgetown.

East End

Grand Cayman’s East end provides a quiet and more secluded area to spend your time on the Cayman Islands. Experience the gorgeous white sand beaches with natural vegetation and the lush, green expanse of the Island behind you. This part of the island has incredible scuba diving opportunities and a few homely restaurants for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. East end is a great alternative to the more populated Seven Mile Beach. The scenic drive to the area is only a 30-45 minute drive from the airport in Georgetown. From Georgetown, take Linford Pierson Hwy East to Crewe Road at the first circle. At the next circle take Shamrock Road East all the way to the edge of the Island at Bodden Town Road. Take Bodden East, until it turns into Sea View Road and continue until you reach East End.


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