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New information sheet on changes to house insurance

Insurance & Savings Ombudsman Scheme launches new Information Sheet on changes to house insurance to “sum insured”. Most house insurance policies are changing the basis of cover for new policies and at renewal. This change is from an unlimited full replacement, based on the size of the house, to a full replacement up to a maximum “sum insured”. Consumers are now responsible for estimating the …

Aeon Insurance eyes Cambodia

Aeon Insurance Service (Thailand), the insurance broker of Aeon Thana Sinsap (Thailand), will study doing business in Cambodia as part of its synergy with Aeon Group, which is constructing its first mall in Phnom Penh.

20-somethings decline even cheap insurance

The Affordable Care Act’s new insurance exchanges are designed to offer health plans at rates close to those currently only available to employees of large companies. But even young people who are offered health insurance through their workplace often turn it down, according to a new study.