Toyota Japan In America

There is an endless debate in America about what type of car someone should buy. There are endless commercials on the television advertising this kind of car or that kind of car, that company or this one.  Each one highlights the pros and cons of the other brands.  But perhaps the question that American’s ask themselves most often, is should I buy an American brand or perhaps a foreign brand, something like a Japanese used car import.  

There are thousands of Japanese car import in the United States.  One of the most popular brands in America is the Toyota, Japan, who produces this car, makes quite a profit off Americans. But at this time in our country’s history, when our economy is so poor, should Americans really be buying cars that are foreign.  Many will argue that Americans should buy American cars because they will be putting money back into the economy, therefore creating more jobs and helping the economy flourish.  And this is a good point.  The other side will argue that foreign car manufacturing is better, and in many cases, safer.  And this is more than enough justification for them.  But, Toyota also employees many Americans because of showrooms and dealerships, so jobs are still being offered to hundreds of Americans.


The debate over what kind of car to buy will continue for as long as cars are around. Although each side has good points, if one is buying a car, he or she has to decide what option, which car, is the best for them.  And that is really all that matters.