The Alternative to a Tractor Salvage Lot

tractorIf you run a farm and plant crops, it’s hard to imagine life before your trust tractor. Unfortunately, many of us get perilously close every now and then when one of the parts breaks or quits working. As replacement parts can be expensive, often your best bet is to head for a tractor salvage lot and see if you can find the piece you need. Of course, depending on your make and model, it’s easy to return disappointed. Now it’s on to the parts shop where you may have to shell out the money to special order it.

That’s one option anyway. You can also head to your keyboard and type in the part you need. All kinds of farm tractor parts are sold on the internet and, chances are, the kind you’re looking for is available right now.

Your best bet will still be to find a used or refurbished kind though. Even though options on the internet can be cheap, you’ll save much more money if you avoid buying brand new.

Another word of caution: make sure you’re buying from a reputable dealer. Anyone can claim they have what you need only to accept your money and disappear. Be sure the company you buy form uses a verifiable payment method like PayPal and has a history for fair deals.


Article submitted by Worthington Ag Parts. The company refurbishes and sells just about every type of agricultural equipment from a used grain auger to tractor parts to a diesel engine.